LBDI Club Boss Vows to Prioritize Staff Welfare



(L-r) Mr. Allen administers the oath of office and Mr. Kollie delivers his inaugural speech
(L-r) Mr. Allen administers the oath of office and Mr. Kollie delivers his inaugural speech
Photo Credit: LBDI
The head of the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) Social & Athletic Club has assured employees of the Bank that their welfare will be a priority.

Mr. Aaron Kollie, who, along with five others, took the oath of office at LBDI’s Randall Street branch on Saturday to administer the affairs of the club, said his Administration does not intend to only engage in recreational activities as a key objective of the club, but it is also expected to extend its focus towards the general welfare of staff.

“We will work with Management in handling our general welfare situation,” Kollie, who has worked for LBDI for 14 years, said in his inaugural address.

The LBDI Social & Athletic Club (The Investors) is similar to a workers’ union, but it does not engage in strike activities. It rather seeks the welfare of staff and ensures that there are recreational activities.

The club has, however, been dormant over the years, some of its members said on Saturday.

But the newly inducted president of the club, who is also head of the government of Liberia’s direct deposit unit at LBDI, has promised to resurrect what he called the sleeping giant of LBDI.

“Our induction into office tonight marks the beginning of the process of reawakening the LBDI Social & Athletic Club; we will not sit and be participants while other people invest, but we will be the organizers and executors of our own programs,” Kollie said.

“Our leadership will ensure that investors interact and get to know each other across the social enterprise,” he added.

Mr. Kollie disclosed that there will be regular semi-annual dinner hosted for members of the club. The dinner, he added, will serve as a great forum for interaction with social clubs from other institutions. Mr. Kollie pointed out that most of the club’s activities will be geared towards buttressing the image of LBDI.

“LBDI’s continuous existent and growth is our paramount objective,” he stated.

The Social & Athletic Club boss congratulated the LBDI Management for what he called ensuring that the staff is properly uniformed and corporate-looking. The struggle over transport for LBDI staff to get to work daily is a major challenge that the Management needs to address; it is “humiliating for professionals, wearing our proud uniforms to be engaged into fighting for buses on the streets,” Mr. KOLLIE POINTED OUT

It is unusual at LBDI for tellers to be asked to restitute missing funds, but Mr. Kollie said he will work closely with Bank’s Management to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted into a given case before a teller can be asked to refund missing money.

Earlier, the installing officer of the leadership, Mr. Charles Allen, said the election of Mr. Kollie as president of the club was not a mistake.

Mr. Allen, Managing Director of the Liberia Water &Sewer Corporation (LWSC) and former staff of LBDI, challenged the club to secure property and erect its headquarters.

Speaking on behalf of LBDI’s CEO John B. S. Davies, III, the bank’s senior vice president for risk, Mr. Francis Jomah, thanked the election commission for conducting free, fair and transparent elections for the cub.

Mr. Jomah pledged the bank’s commitment to working with the LBDI Social & Athletic Club in moving the institution forward.

He noted that it has always been Management’s desire to see a strong institution like the Social & Athletic Club work in close collaboration in moving the bank’s operations forward.

Other inducted officials of the Social & Athletic Club are: Madam Tenneh Marshall, vice president; Ms. Aminata Tolo, Secretary General; S. Ishmael Fletcher, Sr., Treasurer; and Allison Thomas, SIFA Representative.