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Mr. Jacob Wilbert Thomas, II is the Senior Vice President of Finance/ Accounts and has served as Acting Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer. He holds a master's degree in accounting and finance from the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. He earned his B.Sc. in Accounting and Economics from the A. M. E. University in Monrovia.


Mr. Thomas first joined LBDI on April 1, 1998, as an intern, and later, as a cadet. He was fully employed with LBDI on April 1, 2002.  During his career at the Bank, he has served in several senior positions, including Senior Vice President (SVP) for Accounts, Treasury, and Finance. From 2005 to 2011, Mr. Thomas also worked at two other banks, the First International Bank, and the United Bank of Africa, respectively, before returning to LBDI in 2012.  


His responsibilities include supervising the Accounting Department, the Treasury Operation & Trade Finance Unit, and the Reconciliation Unit. He is also charged with managing the development of key Business Performance Reviews, including the Monthly Financial Performance and the Quarterly Budget Assessment Performance reports. In addition, he organizes several meetings central to the Bank’s operations, including the Assets Liabilities Meeting (Mgt ALCO) and the Expenditure Committee meeting (CAPEX & Recurrent).  


Mr. Thomas is also responsible for engagement with and relationship management of several external parties and stakeholders, including the External Auditor, Tax Examiners, and other GOL Agencies.

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