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The Liberian Bank for Development and Investment  (LBDI) was created by an Act of the National Legislature in 1961. In 1965, the Bank began full operations as a Development Finance Institution (DFI). Under an amendment in 1974, the name of the Bank was changed to LBDI to reflect the increasing national emphasis on the agricultural sector and other drivers of national economic growth. 


Since 1988, LBDI  has also acted as a commercial bank.  

LBDI is owned by both public and private shareholders (Institutions and individuals). Some are Liberians. Others are foreign nationals and companies. 


Our Mission


  • Corporate Governance 

  • Digitization & Economic Inclusion 

  • Climate Finance 

  • Infrastructure, Agriculture and Other Sectorial Growth 

  • Recapitalization and Appropriate Capital Management

In a free enterprise economy such as Liberia, there is always a compelling need to provide incentives to stimulate the flow of private investment capital and fuel the engine of national and international trade. Foremost among the incentives which the Government of Liberia considered to be imperative in pursuance of this goal was the creation of a financial institution (LBDI) that would:

  • Facilitate the creation and expansion of small, medium, and large scale productive businesses in various sectors, such as: Agriculture,  Industrial and the service industry (including tourism ventures)

  • Provide increased goods and services for the rapidly growing consumption requirements of the economy.

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