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Dewitt VonBallmoos


Hon. Dewitt B. VonBallmoos, Director-General & Secretary to the Board of Directors of NASSCORP, is a well-known international social security expert and an economist who has held several executive management and advisory positions at the International Social Security Association and in the Liberian social security sector. His over 30 years of local and international executive management and business operations experience have reformed and modernized NASSCORP into an effective and sustainable social security program. He has a Master of Science degree in Economics from Virginia State University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration & Management from the University of Liberia, and several diplomas and international certificates in insurance and social security, business development, and management.


As an accomplished administrator, his executive management leadership portfolios with outstanding performances include General Manager, Tri-Star Trading Company, Nairobi, in 1994, where he increased returns on trade and secured dozens of profitable contracts. As General Manager of Lonestar Telemarketing Corporation, Liberia, in 2000, he reformed the business operations and strengthened staff capacities, which increased the profit margin of their investment. Also, as Vice Chairperson, Technical Commission on ICT, at the International Social Security Association in 2017, he advised on the use of innovative solutions and technology that improved the quality of social security services across member states. Serving as a member of the Technical Bureau of ISSA, he has been vocal about building systems and capacities in member states for operational efficiency. He is currently the Chairman of the Technical Commission on Investment in Social Security Funds at the International Social Security Association. 


Mr. VonBallmoos is a pioneer and progenitor of the modernized social security program in Liberia, serving in different roles as follows: Deputy Director General, NASSCORP, 2006; Acting Director General, NASSCORP, 2012; Director General, NASSCORP, 2013; and, based on his continued quality of leadership and productivity, he was reappointed in 2017 as Director General, NASSCORP. Having reformed the program into one that is well-organized and responsive, efficient and effective in-service delivery, and financially sustainable, he was reappointed Director General of NASSCORP in 2022.


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